April 25, 2021

The Strong Commissioning of the Scaredy Cats

Passage: John 29 : 19 - 23
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John 29:19-23 

There is peace for those who ______________

 v.19 b – Jesus didn’t identify Himself. He spoke peace. A heart that is calm can catch hold of the charisma of Christ!

 Have you processed the salvation you possess?


There is power behind those who are_______

 v.21 – commissioned by Christ

 Galatians 4:4  3-fold commission

  • a certain period of time
  • a certain people
  • a certain purpose

Christians are to influence….

a certain people

for a certain purpose

for a certain period of time.


There is provision from the_______________

 v.23we PROCLAIM the forgiveness, but we do not PROVIDE the forgiveness.

  Only Christ can forgive!