Pastor Shad brings us the final installment in the series "Building Something for God" From Nehemiah 13 He discusses "The Actions of those who desire to build something for God."…
Pastor Shad continues in the sermon series "Building Something for God" with a motivating message from Nehemiah 13 on how to "Avoid Falling Back into Old Habits"

“Facing Tomorrow”

June 14, 2020
A wonderful message on our "Facing Tomorrow." From the book of Joshua Pastor Shad discusses 6 "Encouragements for facing tomorrow"
Pastor Shad continues with the next installment in the series "Building something for God" Tonight from Nehemiah 12 he discusses what can happen when we focus on "Being a part…
A passionate message from the UBA director Dr. Eric Cook. Dr. Cook discusses with us three triumphs of the cross. As you listen understand that the blood of Christ has…
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